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Description: Emulsification of grease is the necessary desideratum before eliminating it from skin. Due to inclusion of choicest herbs this skin wash does effectively the job without disturbing the acid mantle of your skin.

Usage: To get Moisture Balance Skin Wash

Peculiarity: Non drying skin wash with Neem benefits. This skin wash has special spreading power and it effectively emulsify the grease & eliminate it from skin without disturbing the acid mantle of your skin.

How to Use: Rinse face and body with tap water. Work this skin wash into lather and rinse after two minutes to have radiantly clean skin without any dryness. Best effects when supplemented with the use of Valeda Herbal Neem Instant Skin Conditioner & Valeda Herbal Neem Skin Tonic.

Texture: Viscous liquid.

Key Ingredients: Chamomile(Babuna), Neem, Fenugreek (Methi).


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