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Jasmine Sun Protective Cream with Calendula - Clinically Proven Anti-Tan Formula for Normal Skin - SPF - 50

Description: Due to inclusion of choicest herbs & Calamine this cream provides sun protection effectively. A thin layer of this cream guards the skin from external harmful agents like ultra violet rays, cosmic rays, harmful, gaseous and solid content of polluted air and also from dry effect of weather specially in winter.

Usage: To get Smooth & Protective Skin Care.

Peculiarity: Being neither too greasy nor too dry this cream is comfortable to wear the day long with lingering Jasmine fragrance.\

How to Use: Massage a thin layer of this cream on already cleaned skin, with Valeda Herbal Cucumber Astringent Lotion. Get best effect while using along with the use of Valeda Herbal Neem Instant Skin Conditioner at night.

Texture: Dry creamy emulsion.

Key Ingredients: Jasmine, Calendula / Marigold (Genda), Carrot.

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