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Rose Day Cream with Vitamin 'E' - Excellent Antioxidant Cream - Removes Dead Cells and Rejuvenates the skin

Description: Exposures to enemies of the skin viz. Pollution, Sunrays and Lack of skin care may hasten the process of aging. The aging of skin thus is more likely a product of environmental abuse than of the advance of time. The regular usage of this Vit-E enriched cream tones the skin, prevents wrinkles and removes its dryness. Inclusion of Rose helps this cream to cleanse & tone the skin efficiently.

Usage: Inclusion of Rose removes dead cells & Sesame being rich in Vit – E helps this cream to rejuvenate the skin & give better moisturizing effect.

Peculiarity: Excellent antioxidant with special rosy fragrance.

How to Use: Apply with circular massage on whole skin already cleansed with Valeda Herbal Nutmeg Instant Deep Cleansing Milk. Occasionally supplemented by the usage of Valeda Herbal Papaya Skin Scrub yields best effects.

Texture: Soft all purpose texture.

Key Ingredients: Rose(Gulab) , Rosa officinalis, Almond , Wheat Germ Oil, Olive(Jaitun).

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