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#1 Product used since 1980 to Treat Acne/Pimples and Blackheads - Clinically Proved

Description: Inclusion of Nutmeg & other herbs help this pack in removing blackheads & pimples. This pack has soothing & nutrient qualities.

Usage: To Effectively Improve Excessive Oily Skin Condition

Peculiarity: Cosmetically titrated recipe of dry herbal extracts that work very deep to release adhesions & remove sebum, dirt & grease in acne prone skin.

How to Use: Take one teaspoon of this pack and add hot water to form a thick paste. Dilute with Lemon Juice / Tomato Juice / Valeda Herbal Rose & Mint Skin Tonic. Apply on full face & neck that has been washed with Valeda Herbal Aloe & Neem Face Wash. On drying, wash off this pack with fresh water / milk. Follow this up with gentle massage of Valeda Herbal Calendula Moisturizing Lotion. Get best results with the supplemented use of Valeda Herbal Neem Instant Skin Conditioner and Valeda Herbal Clove Cream. Repeat daily. Can be used on whole body. Steam your skin weekly.

Texture: Dry powder.

Key ingredients: Nutmeg (Jaiphal), Almond , Oat, Aloe Vera.

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